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We, MUKESH INCENSE ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED offers high quality of Incense Sticks, Traditional Incense Sticks, Premium Incense Sticks, Sandalwood Incense Stick and much more at market leading price

Mukesh Incense Enterprises Private Limited is a company that started its business in the line of spreading aromas. The company was incepted in the year 1968. Since all these long sheer hard-working years millions of people across the world have begun their day on a refreshing note. The company has furnished a bouquet of Incense Sticks, Traditional Incense Sticks, Premium Incense Sticks, Agarbattis, Dhoop etc. under private labels to clients worldiwde. Their unmatched expertise in aroma technology has reflected in their innovative and wide product variety enabling them to stand distinct and strong in an ever growing market.

Mukesh Incense Enterprises Private Limited has become one of the largest manufacturers, and suppliers of Incense Sticks, Traditional Incense Sticks, Premium Incense Sticks, Sandalwood Incense Stick, Fruity Incense Sticks, Herbal Incense Sticks and aromas. The company host a variety of fragrances in unique packaging at best competitive prices. Some of the large selling incense brands are manufactured by the company under the private labels. They manufacture incense sticks in lengths of 5 to 19 inches in a variety of thickness, colors and fragrances packed in paper tubes, cardboard square and rectangular boxes, flat pouches and hexagonal packets. Various aromas produced by the company can be categorised under the following segments:

  • Traditional Incense Sticks - such as Chandan, Nagchampa, Wild Flower, Spring Flower tec.
  • Floral Incense Sticks - Lily, Champa, Lavender, Jasmine, Rose and Mogra
  • Herbal Incense Sticks - Mint, Pine, Patchouli
  • Premium Incense Sticks - Meditation, Passion, Sandal, Intimate, Majesty, Blossom and Exotic
  • Fruity Incense Sticks - Watermelon, Lemon Orange, Strawberry, Mango, Peach, Coconut, Cherry and Green Apple -Fancy Incense Sticks - Frankincense, Musk, Vanilla and Three-in-one
  • Spicy Incense Sticks - Saffron, Cardamon, Clove and Cinnamon

The company comprises of a production unit which has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which are clean, hygienic and well equipped to produce quality products for the Global market. They have been constantly working to create better incense quality and innovative packaging. The company has blended the production process of aged-old manufacturing techniques with modern perfumery technology. Mukesh Incense Enterprises Private Limited makes use of a wide range of aroma chemicals, natural essential oils, resinoids and natural odoriferous materials procured from across the world. A team of trained perfumers create new fragrances for incense sticks at the company's in-house art room. Mukesh Incense Enterprises Private Limited has assured its clients with quality products and timely deliveries all these years since its establishment.

"We are accepting only bulk quantity orders."